Where sea and rivers meet

Ii makes up for its shortest of all municipal names by containing much that is extraordinary.

Many people wonder about Ii’s unusual short name. The name is based on the Sami word iddja or ijje which means night. The conclusion can be drawn that the inhabitants who arrived in present-day Ii were in contact with the Sami people.

Ii located on the coast at a point where the Iijoki, Kuivajoki and Olhavanjoki rivers enter the Gulf of Bothnia and about 30 minutes by car from the city centre of Oulu.

  • Voted as best community development Municipal in 2015
  • Best Carbon Neutral act of the month in Finland (4/2014 and 9/2013)
  • Nominee for the Nordic Council’s Nature and Environment Prize 2014
  • Identified as one of the best Bioeconomy cases in the Nordic Region by the Nordic Council of Ministers

In 2014 Ii celebrated its 640 historic jubilee year!

In former days Ii was a large parish, and has been known as a trading centre since the 14th century, when it was sending salmon, peat and furs out into the world from harbour Iin Hamina. These markets helped Ii to develop an open and international atmosphere, which served as the platform for the region’s long-standing industrial traditions. Administrative borough of Ii was formed in 1445. Industrial tradition of Ii goes back centuries. Finland's third Glasswork Factory ever, was founded in Ii Olhava in 1782, and Ii Kestilä Sawmill was founded in 1852 in Ii.

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